My home lies in the cascades of rice fields, surrounded by wet shores and high palms. Just one of many dots in the endless archipelago of the Indian Ocean. These shores are not easily visible on a map of the world.

The house garden is bounded by high the bamboo walls. From the inside I observe the sky that lies above. I ask myself how it was to enjoy the stars like a mystery, with no knowledge of the endlessness of our universe. Using only human imagination, with a hope that something bigger than us, some unknown, implicit order rules with intelligence and vision over the vastness of the heavens and our lives here on the firm ground. Was it then that we discovered the concept of infinity? Were we made so we could learn about it?

In this modern age only rarely we manage to remember the mystery of the past – the world of ancient myths, limitless emotions, primordial instincts, sexuality without boundaries. A mystery that is slipping, day by day, through our fingers and thoughts.

Perhaps the artist’s most valuable mission is to try and awake these forgotten times.