I was sitting in his garden making one of many drawings – when it suddenly hit me. The realm of absolute artistic freedom, the unique relationship with materials he used, the immense garden in front of my eyes – shadows of his sculptures, wind blowing and playing with my hair, all the meanings of life.. emotions overflowing.. it became a place where I tried to establish meeting with eternity – to bring the infinitesimal part to the wholeness. 

My drive is the urge to fulfill elementary and primordial human needs, those transcendental, which are nowadays almost forgotten – those are the needs which are not giving us right to choose. It is a hunger for something beyond itself – to discover in all lusts and all crimes, in all trials and all despair, an infinite reason for existence; where each part of the body is will – it is (in all the glory) eternal victory of the human spirit.

Rodin work is the mystery that excites me and awakens the desire to capture that particular moment.

It is a hundred years since August Rodin passed away. This is a tribute to his life and his work. 


Barking enters the darkness around midnight. I question myself through a dream; is it a dog, a leyak, or the return of awakened memories? Maybe the last two are one and the same. I feel my anxiety rising. But not for long. I manage to hold firmly onto the passage of time and the sound […]

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Once more alone

Bergson was the first who managed to understand the essence of time. He threw away watches and claimed that duration is the only way of approaching knowledge of the absolute and real life. Through duration determinism becomes an impossibility and freewill mobility. Proust was searching for lost time. In the moments of nibbling a Madeleine […]

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